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Who are we?

D-Street, being the only stock market oriented society in the entire Delhi University, is placed among the top accredited societies in SRCC.




research & fun-learning

Our reputation doesn’t exceed us as we conduct a plethora of activities, events & seminars throughout the academic calendar provoking exposure to various schools of thinking which helps students implement the theoretical aspects of finance in practical situations. From providing out of the textbook practical knowledge via research sessions and a variety of games, all the members join as young minds wanting to know more about the financial markets, but leave as confident individuals with a strong knowledge of the financial world. Our annual fest, Bullzire is nothing short of a spectacle. Held in January, colleges and business schools across the country take part in a number of events that are conducted. Bullzire is not only focused on events with a practical application of financial knowledge. There are also numerous experts from the field of finance, who add value to the event through their insight into real world applications of knowledge.

Life @ D-Street

Aiming To Trigger The Inquisitiveness In The Young Minds Of SRites With Respect To The Stock Markets

Frequent Research Sessions


Application of Knowledge: Articles & Publications

Breaking Monotony With Bullzire & Other Fun Intra-Society Events

about SRCC

Founded in 1926 in New Delhi, it is one of the most prestigious and oldest institutes of higher learning in Commerce and Economics.

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) is one of the premier colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi granting undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. SRCC focuses on providing a holistic education to its students and thus encourages students to actively become a member of its wide plethora of societies which caters to various interests including topics like financial literacy, social entrepreneurship, performing arts, consulting, photography and countless more. Additionally, students are encouraged and mentored by their teachers who assist them in publishing research papers. Amidst boundaries of the campus, students are free to express their opinions and are encouraged to extend their creativity beyond conventional boundaries.