Stock markets can be uncertain, but what is not is an incredible experience at D-Street SRCC: of competing with market champions from across the country. At D-Street we religiously practice a singular maxim: conquer or collapse. This belief uniquely merges learning as well as fun and has translated into our annual fest, Bullzire – Asia’s largest undergraduate stock market festival.

Shri Ram Trading Challenge‚Äč

Every year D-Street SRCC hosts the most testing of leagues in the financial markets РThe Shri Ram Trading Challenge, an online mock-stock competition, to test your investment acumen. A two week trading simulation tests and refines your analytical and investment skills as you get a chance to be exposed to the thrill of live markets besides the comfort of being at home! 

Freshers' Mock Stock

Fresher’s Mock Stock is a highly anticipated mock stock competition held each year to give a platform to freshers to test their analytical acumen. Relish the thrilling experience of adrenaline rush through market simulation.

Circle your rings and focus your fire, ride on Bulls and kill the bearish ire!