Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021-22

Filtering away any extraneous noise that may have crept in over the year and interfered with any financial enthusiast’s judgement, we at D-Street, SRCC provide you the inch-perfect Annual Report 2021-22 that has been diligently produced by its members.

The unwavering passion of the team that produced this report, which magnanimously covers everything pertaining to finance and stocks- a great blend of observation and analysis.

The objective is to capture merely the events of utmost importance from the entire year into a concise booklet.

Without further ado, delve straight into this knowledge gold and immerse yourself in the past year’s happenings!

Annual Report 2020-21

The sun never sets upon the empire of wisdom: bright, bewitching and brilliant.

D-Street, SRCC is the prime dukedom in this empire of wisdom. One hundred plus pages strung into remarkable research of finance galore, the journey records remarkable leaps. 

One hundred plus pages of intellectual manna ripened by the relentless spirit of the D-Street Team, we have come to mark a league par excellence.

Bringing to you our Annual Report for the year 2020-21, we present the one stop of all that financial geniuses yearn for. 

An elaborative, elevating, enlightening read ahead!

Annual Report 2019-20

As the world continually strives to sieve analysis from a flood of information, quality research is the sole tool for achieving the same.

Keeping this in mind, D-Street SRCC provides you an all-inclusive Annual Report providing a thorough coverage of the Indian financial markets furnished with a global outlook.

We have extensively covered a range of finance-centric themes from market indices and forex markets to mutual funds and commodity markets with unbiased insights to help you develp a rational perspective.

Happy Reading!

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