Shri Ram Trading Challenge

Shri Ram Trading Challenge

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0 Hours
Of Real Life Trading Simulation
Analytical & Investment Skills Needed

Experience the realm of financial markets by indulging in this thrilling ride which will test your wit, endurance, and confidence. Brace yourselves to a battle against the best minds out there to streamline your analytical and investment skills. 

D-Street, SRCC is proud to present Shri Ram Trading Challenge, an online mock-stock competition , in which the participants would be trading on a virtual platform with virtual currency, but with real stocks and live price movements.

Participants would be constructing a virtual portfolio over the period of 2 weeks and the teams with the highest portfolio value at the end of the 2 weeks would be declared the winner. Get a chance to be exposed to the thrill of live markets along with the comfort of being at your home!  

Register now for a chance to experience the excitement again and of course a chance to win real, exciting prizes! Enter at your own peril and Exit before it’s too late.